ULSA Group of Producers


In the beginning of 2000 Urien Loza, with the intention of valuing the production of a vigorous group of producers, decided to create a special business unit named “Grupo de Productores ULSA” or ULSA Producers Group, and trough the exporting firm “Malefu Agropecuaria S.R.L.” opens up to the world to show the finest of Argentinean Beef.

The ULSA Producers group gathers a group of the best cattle producers in Argentina in a common project, with the firm determination of offering the best beef of the world, not only because of the quality of the raw material, but also because of the productive process that makes this possible.

The ULSA Producers Group conform a necessary initiative in the Argentinean agricultural business, on a joint interest, creating value and distributing benefits among all its members.

Urien Loza has gone a long way and this road has allowed them to understand that true business benefits many, and this mutual benefit has generated long lasting and reliable relationships.

The basis of the growth of Urien Loza and the ULSA Producers Group rises on the collective interest of all members as well as the backing and support given by slaughter-cold storage plants, Mattievich S.A. and Ecocarnes S.A.

In all this conditions it has been achieved an outstanding result and the satisfaction that new first-class producers want to join ULSA Producers Group.